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The Javelina Jundred (JJ100) 2013 Mcdowell Mountain, AZ

Going into JJ100 I knew I'd be facing my biggest running challenge to date. This meant that I needed to approach this run with the right mind set, be patient and run smart in order to finish. This is an epic event that more then lives up to its myth. When I lined up on Saturday morning, October 26th 2013, I did my best to calm my nerves and reminded myself to have fun and enjoy the adventure.

At the start of the race I positioned my self mid pack as the plan was to start off slow and be conservative. In training I had run the 15 mile Pemberton Trail loop and knew from experience and reading blogs/advice on face book, it was easy to go out fast. I did not want to blow up early.

During the early miles of the first loop I was over thinking things which caused some unneeded anxiety. So it felt good when I finally got into a rhythm. Beyond the mid point of my first lap I saw the front runners on their second loop pushing the pace. I did not spend much time at head quarters, the…

Adrenaline Night Run 65k (Insomniac Series)

It was a little after 5am Sunday morning June 9th when I pulled into my drive way.I had been awake nearly 23 hours, 8 hours of that was spent running in the pitch dark of night, dodging spiders, snakes, and other creatures while enduring the Arizona heat.It was an incredible and thrilling adventure.Glowing from the experience, I wanted badly to spill my guts to someone, anyone, but everyone I knew was asleep.I thought about hitting up twitter or facebook but said Nah.I wanted to take a shower.

The race took place at McDowellMountainRegionalPark in Fountain HillsArizona. It was HOT.So uncomfortable, crawl out of your skin, shoot yourself hot.The energy at the starting line was electric, with so many like minded people in their element; it is very contagious and hard not to be in the moment.I was finally able to relax, as best you can before running 40 miles, since I had been very stressed for a few days.I knew the basics; 40 miles, (5) 8 mile loop, aid every four miles, drink plenty o…

Summer Time training.... JJ100

Summer time in Phoenix, AZ brings on the dreaded oven scorching temperatures that can kill most outdoor enthusiasts training mojo.  I do my best to tolerate it, knowing it will make me stronger, but it never gets easy. Driving to the trail head without the AC on,trying to and acclimatize, then being careful to not blast it too soon after the run is a common routine. Two years ago I trained for my first ultra over the summer months.  I had no clue what I was doing and it nearly destroyed me as I suffered the last 13 miles to finish that first 50k.  After that I vowed to train harder and smarter.
Training harder and smarter came to a halting stop as I entered my first 50 mile race (that next summer) prematurely, Aravaipa’s Flagstaff 50 Endurance Run.Two months was not enough time and my legs ached with every training run as I broke most every training rule and upped my mileage way too fast. That Race/Run was a very humbling experience.  I cried after that event, it cut me deep.F50
As I wr…

Whiskey Row Marathon 2013.. I am tough enough.

On Friday May 3rd my wife and I left Phoenix, AZ and headed to Prescott,AZ.  We left at 8:33 pm and figured it would take us about an hour and half to get there.  Traveling the night before a marathon is not ideal, but I didn't want to miss the Father/Daughter Spaghetti Dinner at my daughter’s school.  Sofia (5yrs old) and I had a wonderful date.
Many things have changed in Prescott/Prescott Valley since I begin visiting each summer 25 years ago. I pointed out many of the changes to my wife as we entered town. After locating our hotel, The Best Western Prescottonian, we cruised 1.1 miles down Gurley Street to historic downtown. 
The Court House square is surrounded by saloons, a hotel, bank, and novelty shops.  I joked with my wife that we should have a drink, but it was late and we needed to get some sleep. As I waited at a red light, I snapped a picture of the St. Michael’s Hotel sign, and reminded my wife, “This is where packet pick up will be in the morning.” 
The next morning I …

In memory of James Luque

“I don't know if we each have a destiny, or if we're all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze. But I think maybe it's both. Maybe both are happening at the sametime.”
Forrest Gump 1994 Tom Hanks

I'd like to make a tribute to man who played a big role in my life the last few years, my father-in-law, James Luque. March 11, 1940 to April 21, 2013.RIP  Obituary

James (Jimmy, Jaime, pops) was hard working man and no carpentry project was to big for him. He built houses from the ground up and was an expert of everythingin in-between. He was there whenever I needed him. He loved his family very much, and used to fill up his digital photo card so often, taking pictures of them. I was always backing up his photos and clearing his memory card for him. I loved it when he would get this fire in his eyes and this contagious smirk when he got an idea or was excited. I loved watching football with him, especially the Arizona Cardinals, a team we both love.

My kids will mis…

MesquiteCanyon 50K

MesquiteCanyon 50K, WhiteTanksRegionalPark, Waddell Arizona. 3/23/13
The race takes you on various trails including FordCanyon, Mesquite, and Iron Wood just to name a few.You are constantly climbing and descending as you watch every foot fall.I found myself having to regain my balance, several times, after taking my eyes off the trail to enjoy the views and terrain.
The heat got to me and affected me mentally for a little while.Once I finally accepted it was warm out, I mentally told my self to stop being a little baby (it might have been another “B” word), but I was able to once again truly enjoy the course. Sometimes you got to stop and smell the roses; and The White Tanks offer marvelous scenery.
I give credit to all the runners who completed/attempted the 50 mile race.I am amazed at the physical and mental toughness they posses.I hope to harness some that toughness next month at the Zane Grey 50 Mile Endurance Run, which I am just a little obsessed with.
I am not looking to shat…

Old Man 50k

Old Man 50K, Scottsdale AZ
Finish time 6hr 6Min and Change

After finishing “The Old Man 50k” on March 9, 2013 I was on cloud nine for a few days.Comments I read on Face Book lead me to believe I am not the only one who felt that way.It was a great way to celebrate a very noble man’s birthday.Mike Miller was both the race director and honoree.I was grateful and fortunate to be a part of this celebration.I was invited but very much felt like it was where I belonged and needed to be.
I had such a solid run. Don’t get me wrong, I had to work for it, but the normal aches, pain and self doubt (the wall), never came.It’s an experience I will cherish and a feeling I hope to replicate on future runs and races.  People can be amazing; Ultra runners in particular are some of most generous people.I got to mix it up with some incredible runners.Some ranked, some sponsored, some just as happy as me, to be on a trail so beautiful with like minded poeple/runners. 
Brian, thanks for the invite. 


IMS Arizona Marathon (26.2 mi) March 17, 2013


·Point to Point, from Verrado in Buckeye and continued through Goodyear, Avondale, Litchfield Park, Phoenix, and Glendale.
·So much fun to run from community to community.I got a burst of energy knowing I had five miles until the finish and I could see Westgate and The Arizona Cardinals stadium, where the finish line was waiting for us in the distance.
·Lots of great support from people along the course even some who were sitting on their porches or standing at the end of their blocksto cheer us on.One lady had a boom box and some pom poms.
·The course ran by my friend Tim’s house, at about mile 11, and our families were there to support and cheer us on.
·The finish line was Amazing.
·The Double sided medal, which is now one of my favorites.
This was my second road marathon.I wanted to finish in less than four hours, but it was just not in the cards that day.Regardless,I had a blast and did PR by 2 minutes from my previous marathon time.Although I do prefer running in the mountai…

2013 Coldwater Rumble 50k

On Saturday January 19, 2013 I participated in my second Coldwater Rumble 50K trail run.The event is put on by Aravaipa Running and is run through the desert trails of The Sierra Estrella Mountain range, located southwest of Phoenix, AZ.There were a few course changes and even a new distance option this year.

This year a 50 mile run was added to an already solid list of options including 4 miles, 19k, 31k, and 50k.I toyed with the idea of attempting the 50 mile run, but decided on the 50k, based on my training plan and goal to complete the Zane Grey 50 Mile Endurance run in April.I had a few goals for this run, but the one that fueled me most, was to beat my time of 5 hours 58 minutes from last year.
The 50k began at 7:30 and I immediately stuck to my plan of being conservative early; it can be hard to ignore the adrenaline that takes over at the start of a race.The first few miles flew by, as I approached the first aid station at mile 5, I made sure to finish drinking the remaining…

Castle Hot Springs 22 Miler – Arizona Road Racers

My buddy Giles sent out a text inquiring who would be interested in a long run on Saturday. After a few texts, the discussion turned to where? I had seen a post on the Arizona Road Runners’ Face book page about the Castle Hot Springs 22 Miler on January 5, 2013. This was a run I had my eyes on and was excited that we would be taking on this challenge.

The Run began at a cowboy camp/ranch and home of Betty’s Trail Rides. This is located near Lake Pleasant, off of Highway 74. Thirty-Six of us stood at an imaginary starting line just out side the gates of the camp listening to last minute instructions; a little after 8:00 am we took off on our 22 mile journey. The website said this was a casual, fun, and scenic run.

I started off at a casual pace, staying on the right side of the Jeep road as instructed. I chatted with my friend Tim and asked some questions about the run, since he had completed it twice before. One thing I love about running is discovering new roads, trails, and…