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A Humbling Experience... Flagstaff 50 Mile Endurance Run

Course Info!
Elevation  of race was between 7,000 and 9,000 feet. The course featured five significant climbs on Upper Oldham (1850+ ft), Lower Weatherford (1750+ ft), Friedlein Prairie Road (1100+ ft), Little Gnarly/Brookbank (1400+ ft), and Heart Trail (1900+ ft).

To celebrate my year anniversary of ultra running I decidedto give the Flagstaff 50 Mile Endurance Run a shot.I knew this would not be an easy run, but felt like I needed to challenge myself with a run that scared the hell out of me.A few days removed from the event, I have mixed emotions, but know I have gained a ton of knowledge from this experience. This morning I got a text from my buddy that said, “Lots of fun W/good people over shadowed a sucky run….”That text really hit the nail on what this weekend was about.Yes we went up to Flagstaff for a race, but we also went to enjoy the fellowship we share as runners out on the trail.

5 minutes until the start of the race I walked to the startline.Buffalo Park brings back many m…