Summer Time training.... JJ100

Summer time in Phoenix, AZ brings on the dreaded oven scorching temperatures that can kill most outdoor enthusiasts training mojo.  I do my best to tolerate it, knowing it will make me stronger, but it never gets easy. Driving to the trail head without the AC on, trying to and acclimatize, then being careful to not blast it too soon after the run is a common routine. Two years ago I trained for my first ultra over the summer months.  I had no clue what I was doing and it nearly destroyed me as I suffered the last 13 miles to finish that first 50k.  After that I vowed to train harder and smarter.

Training harder and smarter came to a halting stop as I entered my first 50 mile race (that next summer) prematurely, Aravaipa’s Flagstaff 50 Endurance Run.  Two months was not enough time and my legs ached with every training run as broke most every training rule and upped my mileage way too fastThat Race/Run was a very humbling experience.  I cried after that eventit cut me deep.F50 

As I write this, summer is at my door stepreminding me that I have registered for the Javelina Jundred (JJ100) in October.  101.4 miles Holy Sh%t!  My training plan is laidout and I am confident 24 weeks will be enough time to train and focus.  I don’t want to be the poster child for how not to do things, and should probably complete a 50 mile race first, but I do want to follow my heart and the urge to push myself to the edge.  I wanted to run Zane Grey so bad this year, but life happens, and I see it as donating my race entry for a good cause.

My calendar for the next 5 months, instead of being filled with birthdays and family events, is filled with race dates and training runs/trips.  I am so excited at all the new friends I have made in the running community.  I am also excited at all the new adventures I have discovered.  But I also have to humble myself and remember to never neglect my baby girls, my wife, and family.  Ultra running can be a very selfish sport.

So what’s the plan?

I have a few races on my calendar, a trip to Havasupai Falls, family vacation, swimming with the kids, and of course tons of training runs. Consistency will be the key.

A few of the races I hope to do in preparation for JJ100

Adrenaline Night run 65k (40.3mi) June 8th (Registered)
Arizona Road Racers 4th of July Run July 4th
King of the Peaks, Flagstaff 32 miles July 27th  
Flagstaff Endurance Runs 50K September 14th
Noble Canyon 50k, San Diego   September 21st


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