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Zane Grey 50 Mi. 2015. A love affair.

Normally I'm dying with anticipation to get a blog out soon as a race or big run is over, but I have been so mentally and physically exhausted; finishing the Zane Grey 50 miler this year was a dream come true.   I had obsessed about this race since 2012 the first time I witnessed it first hand while crewing for my good friends, Tim and Giles.

I registered for 2013 race as soon as registration opened.  Unfortunately a few weekends before the race, tragedy hit my family, as my father-in-law suffered a massive heart attack.  He was taking off life support and was buried on the day of the 2013 race.  I vowed to run the 2014 race in his honor.  I DNF'd that race, I made a huge mistake of underestimating warnings of a huge storm, causing the race to be cut short at mile 33. That day my race ended at mile 18, Washington Park.  It hurt so bad, and I did nothing but obsess about this years race.  I have purposely not read any race reports, with the exception of my buddy Tim's, so I …

Black Canyon Trail 100k, 2015!

This had to be the most epic Ultra-Marathon I have ever been involved in; the elite participant field was stacked, scenery to die for, not to mention the hype and excitement surrounding The Montrail Ultra Cup .I had no shot finishing in the top two, a guaranteed ticket to Western States.The BC100k is a point to point race starting in Spring Valley, AZ and finishes near New River. I kept my race week nerves on ice until Thursday, packet pick up, and the screening of the Hal Koerner and Mike Wolfes fastest know time (fkt) on the John Muir Trail.From the moment I woke up on Friday, I was bouncing off the walls.I was trying hard to not be overly annoying to my wife, who was days away from her first ever half marathon.The weekend was set. When we arrived to Mayer High school, in Spring Valley Arizona, Tim, Giles, Cristain, Brian and I sat in the car silent for a few minutes.Finally the silence was broken and we begin our last minute preparations.Race check-in was held in what I believe was t…

2015 IS HERE: Castle Hot Springs 22Miler - Thunder Bird 50k Recap

Two Thousand Fifteen! Can you believe it; Crazy how time flies.The year started off great, especially after having one of the most relaxing Christmas and New Years seasons ever.It was so nice to not have to rush from house to house.We got to spend some quality time with the kids, and actually enjoy our home, which we have been in just over a year. Okay, okay enough of the mushy stuff.Time for the RUNNING SH%%!

I Started off the year again with the Castle Hot Springs 22 miler; 3rd year in a row.I love this race/run; Low key, great peeps, scenic, and challenging course.The myth is that your finishing time for this race is your marathon time.I tied my time from last year finishing in 3hr 45 min and change. The whole mood was different this year, I put no pressure on myself, and in turn had a blast running with Brian and Manoj. We ran, talked, snapped pictures, and just had satisfying run.

My wife Liz is training for her first half marathon.(IMS on 2/15/15) It’s been fun seeing her progres…