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2015 IS HERE: Castle Hot Springs 22Miler - Thunder Bird 50k Recap

Two Thousand Fifteen! Can you believe it; Crazy how time flies.The year started off great, especially after having one of the most relaxing Christmas and New Years seasons ever.It was so nice to not have to rush from house to house.We got to spend some quality time with the kids, and actually enjoy our home, which we have been in just over a year. Okay, okay enough of the mushy stuff.Time for the RUNNING SH%%!

I Started off the year again with the Castle Hot Springs 22 miler; 3rd year in a row.I love this race/run; Low key, great peeps, scenic, and challenging course.The myth is that your finishing time for this race is your marathon time.I tied my time from last year finishing in 3hr 45 min and change. The whole mood was different this year, I put no pressure on myself, and in turn had a blast running with Brian and Manoj. We ran, talked, snapped pictures, and just had satisfying run.

My wife Liz is training for her first half marathon.(IMS on 2/15/15) It’s been fun seeing her progres…