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Back on it!

Been almost 2 months since I updated this blog; A lot has happen. 
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and looking foreword to a great 2012.   

In November I put in a little over 70 miles of running. So far this month I am up to 90 miles.  I am feeling good and excited for the New Year.  Of course I wish I had more time to run and train, got to remember balance!

Yesterday my wife and I set off on a run with the kids and our dog, Honey.  I pushed the girls in the buggy while Honey pulled my wife, ha.  We had no plan on where to run.  My wife told me to lead the way and we ended up at Friendship Park in Avondale, AZ.  As we approached the park I had devised a plan to get me a few more miles.  The plan was that my wife would stay and watch the kids at playground and I would run back home and get the car and come back for them.

With 4.2 miles in the bank I kissed my wife and sped off towards home.  I took the shorter route back, 2 miles.  I pushed hard, wanting to get in some speed work…