MesquiteCanyon 50K

Mesquite Canyon 50K, White Tanks Regional Park, Waddell Arizona. 3/23/13

The race takes you on various trails including Ford Canyon, Mesquite, and Iron Wood just to name a few.  You are constantly climbing and descending as you watch every foot fall.  I found myself having to regain my balance, several times, after taking my eyes off the trail to enjoy the views and terrain.   

The heat got to me and affected me mentally for a little while.  Once I finally accepted it was warm out, I mentally told my self to stop being a little baby (it might have been another “B” word), but I was able to once again truly enjoy the course. Sometimes you got to stop and smell the roses; and The White Tanks offer marvelous scenery.

I give credit to all the runners who completed/attempted the 50 mile race.  I am amazed at the physical and mental toughness they posses.  I hope to harness some that toughness next month at the Zane Grey 50 Mile Endurance Run, which I am just a little obsessed with.

I am not looking to shatter any records at Zane Grey; I simply want to finish in the time allotted.  The plan is two more weeks of steady/hard training followed by a full three week taper.  I am having some issues with my right knee.  It’s got me a little nervous so I will need focus on cross training while working to heal and strengthen it.  I have come to far this year to give up now.  Finishing Mesquite have giving me a big confidence boost.

Mesquite Canyon was as brutal as advertised. My finish time and place was not what I hoped it would be, but I am not disappointed, I had too much fun! (50k, 7:14, 40th place) 

This is now my favorite Aravaipa Running event.  I highly recommend it; be sure to get your hill training in or it will kick your butt.





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