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Summer Time training.... JJ100

Summer time in Phoenix, AZ brings on the dreaded oven scorching temperatures that can kill most outdoor enthusiasts training mojo.  I do my best to tolerate it, knowing it will make me stronger, but it never gets easy. Driving to the trail head without the AC on,trying to and acclimatize, then being careful to not blast it too soon after the run is a common routine. Two years ago I trained for my first ultra over the summer months.  I had no clue what I was doing and it nearly destroyed me as I suffered the last 13 miles to finish that first 50k.  After that I vowed to train harder and smarter.
Training harder and smarter came to a halting stop as I entered my first 50 mile race (that next summer) prematurely, Aravaipa’s Flagstaff 50 Endurance Run.Two months was not enough time and my legs ached with every training run as I broke most every training rule and upped my mileage way too fast. That Race/Run was a very humbling experience.  I cried after that event, it cut me deep.F50
As I wr…

Whiskey Row Marathon 2013.. I am tough enough.

On Friday May 3rd my wife and I left Phoenix, AZ and headed to Prescott,AZ.  We left at 8:33 pm and figured it would take us about an hour and half to get there.  Traveling the night before a marathon is not ideal, but I didn't want to miss the Father/Daughter Spaghetti Dinner at my daughter’s school.  Sofia (5yrs old) and I had a wonderful date.
Many things have changed in Prescott/Prescott Valley since I begin visiting each summer 25 years ago. I pointed out many of the changes to my wife as we entered town. After locating our hotel, The Best Western Prescottonian, we cruised 1.1 miles down Gurley Street to historic downtown. 
The Court House square is surrounded by saloons, a hotel, bank, and novelty shops.  I joked with my wife that we should have a drink, but it was late and we needed to get some sleep. As I waited at a red light, I snapped a picture of the St. Michael’s Hotel sign, and reminded my wife, “This is where packet pick up will be in the morning.” 
The next morning I …