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2017 Arizona Rock 'N' Roll 1/2 Marathon

Roll 'N' Rock nah man Rock 'N” Roll.

I have been asked every year since I made it known I was a runner, 2011, if I was going to Run the Arizona Rock 'n' Roll (RNR) Marathon. I have always had interesting excuses. Some legit. Like its always the weekend before the Coldwater Rumble, an ultra race at Estrella Mountain Regional Park, put on by Aravaipa. Its basically my back yard so how could I miss it. But also i stayed away because it seemed like it was a huge corporate race with too many people.  But my opinion has changed.  Yes it has.  IT WAS FUN!
I singed up for the RNR Marathon close to a year in advance. The price was just to good to pass up. I was also in a bit of a fog mentally, and needed to change things up. I love trail ultras, but I was in a rut, I thought a road marathon and Boston Qualifier race would get me moving. That was until I was inspired to go for a big ultra. I paced my buddy and Chris at the Mogollon Monster. The race is 100 miles wit…

Across The Years 2016/17 24 hour, 1st timed event, 1st sub 24 hour 100 miler

It is crazy to me how time can fly by and yet stand still at moments. Circles. Running 1.05 mile circles is how I decided to end 2016. It’s also how I started 2017. Almost 4 days removed from my 24-hour timed race Across the Years, I am still on cloud 9. What A Rush. No cliff hangers here. I met my goal of running my 1st sub 24 hour 100-mile race! My cheeks are a bit sore from smiling. I’m hobbling around a bit, but it does hurt oh so good.  The day before the race, I meditated and envisioned myself on the run. I repeated “I will not stop moving, I will not stop moving. No Pain no rain will stop me.” I knew ATY would be cold, but in checking the weather, I was bummed to find out that rain was in the forecast. Being under prepared for weather cost me dearly while attempting my first Zane Grey 50 miler. I have vowed to never let weather stop me again.
I over packed, two rain coats, pretty much all my running socks, two pairs of warm up pants, ski mask, beanies and so on. It’s funny to …