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Cedro Peak Ultra Marathon 45k Race Report

The Cedro Peak Ultra Marathon 45 · Saturday April 7, 2012 in Tijeras, New Mexico.

The car’s temperature gauge read 37 degrees and it felt like it. I turned in my drop bag, checked into the race, and retreated back to the car with my buddies. We decided to wait until five minutes to the start of the race to head to the starting line.

The race was set to start to at 6 a.m. There was an EZ UP with Christmas lights directly behind the starting line. The majority of the runners huddled together under it making last minute adjustments to their watches, headlamps, and gear. As the race director thanked his wife and the volunteers, the clock ticked away to zero. With the sound of watches being started we slowly made our way down a congested narrow path. It was slow going; some runners weaved in and out of the traffic jam. A few even hurdled over a log to jockey for position.

After crossing the parking lot and heading into the forest, you could see the beams from headlamps and hear the c…