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Grandpa Jim's 50K Race Recap

Can you imagine running Camelback Mountain, Piestewa Peak, North Mountain, and Shaw Butte all in one day?  On Saturday, February 18th,  I attempted this along with 30 plus ultra runners in hopes of completing Grandpa Jim’s 50K (Arizona’s Toughest 50K).

We got to the North Mountain Visitor’s Center a little after 5 a.m.  The visitor center would play host to the finish line and the mile 23 aid station.  It was also where we would park and be shuttled to the start of the race.  We piled into the 3 vans and headed to the starting line. I knew this was going to be one very demanding journey through the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. The starting line for the race was at intersection of Cholla and Inverngordon.   When we got to the intersection, got out of the vans, and gathered awaiting the start. Some stretched, others ducked into the bushes for a last minute potty break, and I nervously fiddled with my watch hoping it would sync before the race started.  I was relieved when it finally did.