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Adrenaline Night Run 65k (Insomniac Series)

It was a little after 5am Sunday morning June 9th when I pulled into my drive way.I had been awake nearly 23 hours, 8 hours of that was spent running in the pitch dark of night, dodging spiders, snakes, and other creatures while enduring the Arizona heat.It was an incredible and thrilling adventure.Glowing from the experience, I wanted badly to spill my guts to someone, anyone, but everyone I knew was asleep.I thought about hitting up twitter or facebook but said Nah.I wanted to take a shower.

The race took place at McDowellMountainRegionalPark in Fountain HillsArizona. It was HOT.So uncomfortable, crawl out of your skin, shoot yourself hot.The energy at the starting line was electric, with so many like minded people in their element; it is very contagious and hard not to be in the moment.I was finally able to relax, as best you can before running 40 miles, since I had been very stressed for a few days.I knew the basics; 40 miles, (5) 8 mile loop, aid every four miles, drink plenty o…