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Whiskey Row Marathon 2012, Prescott AZ

Finally my first official road marathon (26.2 Miles) is on the books. I don’t think I could have picked a better race to achieve this goal. The Whiskey Row Marathon starts at 5,280 feet, with the elevation increasing to 7,000 feet over the first seven miles. I knew it would be tough and was ready and willing for the challenge.Prescott has a special place in my heart because I spent many summer breaks there as a kid.Last year I ran the half marathon and vowed to be back to run the full.
Going into this race I had competed in 4 Ultra Marathons, completing 3 of them.Yet there was new nervousness and excitement.I wanted to do well and had my eyes on finishing in 4 hours. My official finishing time was 4:07:50.Nearly 8 minutes over my goal time but I have no regrets or what ifs.
I wish I could do this race more justice with this blog.Besides how I felt during the run not sure many words can truly capture the beauty of this race.For most of the race you r…