Few Rambling Thoughts and mention of WESRUG! club and now Apparel.

WESURG IS IN Full Swing.  Its  been exciting how the Facebook club page has taking off. Lots of interaction.  We have had two group meet ups. Trail Run and Track Practice. 
 A few scavenger Hunts. More to come for sure.

Here is a  link to the facebook  Here

Running has been fun again.  Been writing and being creative in other ways Also  
Here is a Video I made . Check this one out.  Groom Creek Prescott Memorial Day Weekend

Lots more ups then downs lately.  
Full Schedule ahead.

Jack Rabbit Jubilee 12 hr Sept
ST George Marathon , Utah.  Oct.
JJ100  AZ  Oct

Few things in between. 

I think the tide is turning.  Can I Survive the ride. YES I CAN !!!


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