Ashland Dave: Runner , Podcaster, and Friend

When I got into running around at the end of 2010 I begin to seek out anything running related.  This included books, magazines, blogs, documentaries, and social media outlets.   At some point, not sure when, I discovered podcast. It changed my world. Several shows I enjoyed, in the early days, and are still out there. There are few that i listen to on a regular basis.  Some shows I feel lost there way, by going to commercial, and only focusing on the Elite runners of the sport.  Which is fine. its a business.  I always root for the under dog, the mid packer.  Dave, who has kept it real and honest, would call himself a back of the packer.  Dave is runner and inspiration to me!
I begin emailing Dave in regards to his show topics. It was like having a pen pal.  At some point it seems we become friends.  I hope to meet Dave one day.  I'll never forger when he asked to  interview me about my first 100 miler foot race Javelina Jundred  "JJ100"

Being a big fan of podcast, this blew me away, I was so nervous and felt like I rambled on and on.   
Although I used to record and preform hip hop music.  I dislike my voice,  but I was proud of that podcast. 
Since 2013 I have regularly been a listener and contributor to the show: in the since that I email regularly .
I want to support a friend.  SO!
Besides podcasting, Dave had also made some Running Documentaries.  All the Proceeds go to a charity  local place in Ashland, Virginia

How it works is.  You email him.  Tell him what video you want.  He will mail it free to you. And he gives you the address for the donation.  He will never know if you paid..  

its all on a merit / honor system.

harlottesville (VA) Marathon      Mountain Masochist 50 miler    North Face Washington DC 50 miler
North Face Atlanta 50 miler       Pine Creek Challenge 100 miler     Strolling Jim 40 miler
Graveyard 100k     Florida Keys 50 miler        Shamrock (VA) Marathon
 $10 donation completely voluntary by the way  i don't do any follow up to see if anyone does it  I just like knowing ultra runners are honest people and most have done the donation  
his email is 
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