A new year, 2012

Keeping up with this blog is a bit more challenging then I imagined.  But I still enjoy it and hope to do it on a more regular basis.  I have had quite a few running experiences since my last post.  As I write/edit this I am counting down the minutes to the US Marathon team trials being aired on NBC.  Pretty exciting!  I was happy to see that some ultra trail runners qualified to run in the trials.  A few names include Jenn Shelton and Max King.  I am routing for Kara Goucher on the women’s side.  Don’t tell my wife I said this, but she is a babe!

Last Sunday, February 8, I ran the Xterra White Tanks 20K trail race.  I was really excited for it.  I had it in mind to treat it as a training run for the Cold Water Rumble 50K coming up on February 21st at Estrella Mountain in Goodyear, Arizona.  I still wanted to push myself to the limit and get a good time at the race.  I feel like I accomplished that.  I gave it all I had. 

It was also exciting to have some good buddies running the race Shon, Patrick (Shon’s Son), Tim, Giles and John (Tim and Giles Dad).  I love running and it is great to hang out with people who share the same love.  Xterra puts on a great race.  I really enjoy their events.   

My 4 year old daughter, Sofia, participated in the kid’s race.  Not even a few yards out she fell hard and face planted.  She was crying and had dirt all on her lips.  I asked her if she wanted to quit and she said no.  She got up fell once more before finishing the race.  I think it might have been a little over 50 yards.  I was so proud of her.  Just to see the smile on her face at the finish with the Xterra crew clapping and cheering her on.  She got a finishers medal and toy.  Good Job Fia girl!  I hope to not be one of those parents that push their kids to hard.  But deep down I do hope they are involved in sports.  

On New Year’s Eve, I met up with Tim and Giles to go running in the Town of Cave Creek, Arizona.  We entered the Tonto National Forest and ran the Cave Creek Trail number 4 which passes the Seven Springs Campground.  The trail was very technical.  I enjoyed the views and the variety of terrain we crossed.  The night before the run Tim had text me we would be running 25 miles.  I was up for it.  But to be honest I was a little nervous.  I felt good out there on the trail.  It was one hell of a day.  Some steep climbing but it was just the training run I needed as I look forward to the Cold Water Rumble.  My body seems to be recovering well which leads me to believe my training and nutrition are good. 

 I have got a few goals for this up coming year. One for sure is to stay healthy all year.  Last few years I have had some type of injury that keeps me from training.  Also looking to better my financial situation, which I think will give me and my family peace of mind. I know it will be well worth the sacrifices we have made and are going to make.  I got 2 ultra’s I am running for sure and hope to add on a few more.  I really want to run the Noble Canyon 50 K again.

Well I did not get into the Zane Grey 50 Mile Race.  I am bummed, but really considering volunteering and paying it forward.  I know how much I appreciated all the aide station workers at my first ultra.  Might go ahead and make a trip out it, plus be cool to see the race and camp out.



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