Cold Water Rumble Four Days Away

4 days until my second ultra marathon.  I really have not been too nervous about this race up until today.  Also taking into consideration in little over for weeks from now I will be running my third.  I got quite the line up.  I really feel like it is possible for me to run and finish these races. I am feeling confident in my training.  I wish could say my nutrition, I am eating more, but not so much the most efficient foods I could be.
A friend of mine asked me the other day if I run these races to win or place.  I kind of laughed and said no I mostly run to challenge myself, beat my own time and survive the challenge.  Truth be told, I do day dream of winning a race or being an elite, but I realize my limitations and I am completely satisfied with them.
I really enjoyed watching the coverage of the US Marathon Olympic Team Trials.  It made me curious about refocusing my mind from ultra trail running to marathon road races. Honestly right now I know I have just barley peeked into the world of trail and ultras.  There are just so many more races I want to do.
I had planned to do a 10 mile run yesterday.  I ended up doing a whole other type of endurance work out.  Digging a 6x6 foot hole to try and expose the sewer line running from my mom’s house to the main.  Turns out we were way off and had to refill the whole with out fixing the problem.  But at least we were finally able to get the snake out of the clean out which was the main reason we were digging.  It was quite an adventure.  My arms, legs, back and neck are sore.
I may just do a few short runs and make sure I get some rest before Saturday.  I am still debating on whether to wear a camel pack or just take to hand held water bottles. I just don’t know. 
Finally got caught up with all the pod cast I listen to:  The Moth, Dirt bag diaries, Marathon talk, Marathon training academy, Full speed ahead pod cast, and Ultra runner pod cast.  Those guys at Ultra runner pod cast really got a good thing going.  I would have to say they are becoming the voice of the sport.  Plus they love BEER!
Wish me luck this Saturday at the Cold Water Rumble 50K at Estrella Mountain Regional Park. 


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