Ready for Zane Grey #4. So far 2-1 against the beast

About to head into my fourth Zane Grey, was nice to be bouncing off the walls again, been a while since I've been excited about a race like this. Kid like energy. Crown King was a great experience and it definitely gave me confidence moving forward. I just didn't know how to follow up, my hundred mile finish, at Across the Years. It was such a great performance / accomplishment and i'm afraid I'll never be able to top that. 

I guess I've been like that my whole life, a worry wort. Believe me I may look confident, I do work hard, but I get nervous and insecure about things.  For as long as I can remember I've never felt good enough. It's in my own mind, a character flaw, because I know that I continually accomplish things and inspire people. I love to get emails/text or even post of people telling me how inspired them. I want to continue that. 
As I sit here, eating breakfast,  ready to leave to Pine AZ I just want to remind myself to be grateful for all I have, the breath in my lungs, ability to cover many miles on my feet. I will not take it for granted. Can't to share the tail with you all.   Fore those running good luck. Hydrate and eat well.

WESRUG  will be representing


Training run video i made with the Widener Bros run with widener bros.

Also happy to be a Honey Stinger ambassador !!

Bear Canyon

Crown King  Photo Sweet Images

Finish Crown King  Photo Aravaipa

Beer Mile  Photo Brian Soto
Training run with the Widener Bros.  



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