Elephant Mountain 50k, 7 Miles short...

It was only 7 more miles to finish, but I decided to drop at 24.  To be honest I was hurting , both knees were screaming, and my heart was not in it.  This was my fourth ultra DNF.  
 Those that know me well can attest to how sensitive and emotional a person I am.  My running reflects that. I made a rookie mistake at the Coldwater Rumble 50k at the end of January.  I will call it my zero drop flop.  I went from Hoka shoes to a zero drop Altra shoe. For those not familiar I will describe it as going from platform shoes to flats. I love the Altra's, but instead of the slow transition, the shoes went straight from the box to my feet and on the trail for a 50k. I paid for it greatly.  I have been sidelined with and injured foot.  
Enough wining.  I wanted to run Elephant Mountain since it's inception. I signed up Tuesday, the last day online registration was possible.  It all felt backwards for me.  
But I will say this.  What a wonderful course and trail race. Yes there are tons of rocks, but there are also lots of areas where you can run and make up time from the short and gradual climbs.  The elevation charts made me more cautious then I needed to be early. But with the few weeks of little to no training I was grateful that there was no hands on knees climbing. 
This was a great race, trail run.  
I have no regret for dropping.  I was physically and mentally not ready.  It was a great training run with friends.  In the future I hope to return and finish this course.  Out of respect for the trail and for Aravaipa!  
Now and again we all need a good butt kicking to refocus!


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