Back on it!

Been almost 2 months since I updated this blog; A lot has happen. 
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and looking foreword to a great 2012.   
In November I put in a little over 70 miles of running. So far this month I am up to 90 miles.  I am feeling good and excited for the New Year.  Of course I wish I had more time to run and train, got to remember balance!
Yesterday my wife and I set off on a run with the kids and our dog, Honey.  I pushed the girls in the buggy while Honey pulled my wife, ha.  We had no plan on where to run.  My wife told me to lead the way and we ended up at Friendship Park in Avondale, AZ.  As we approached the park I had devised a plan to get me a few more miles.  The plan was that my wife would stay and watch the kids at playground and I would run back home and get the car and come back for them.
With 4.2 miles in the bank I kissed my wife and sped off towards home.  I took the shorter route back, 2 miles.  I pushed hard, wanting to get in some speed work, plus I was eager to get back to my family as quick as possible.  Took me 14 minutes to get home, 7 minute miles pace is fine by me.  But I think I really need to incorporate more speed work into my regiment.  
I really love the fact that my wife has started running.  I think it has brought us a bit closer.  Before the crazy holiday rush we had been getting up at 4am twice a week to go running together before work.  I have seen her go from a run walk program to being able to run for 4.2 miles straight.  I am so proud of her.  She completed her first “Official” 5k a few weeks ago.  I love running and I am glad that she enjoys it and can understand a bit of why I do it.
I have decided to skip the road marathon again. I think my first one will be the Whisky Row Marathon in Prescott, AZ in May 2012.  I love trail running and ultras are just so much more intriguing to me right now.  If I can stay healthy my schedule look’s like this so far for 2012
January 8, 2012  Xterra White Tanks 20k
January 21, 2012 Cold Water Rumble. 50k
February 18, 2012  Grandpa Jim’s 50K
??????????Zane Grey 50 Mile April 21,2012????????????
I am hoping I can get into this race.  I am on the waiting list.
So if anyone knows the race director.  Put in a good word for me!
I watched Unbreakable: The Western States 100 the other night I thought it was a great documentary.  Well worth the $20 bucks!
A good friend of mine and great runner/athlete has put out his own performance bar check them out at
Well I will try to not be a stranger and keep this blog up to date!  Happy trails.


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