There are many crossroads in life, forks in the road, moments that could be the game changer.  I once read an article about a guy who every so many years would clean his house as if it was his last day on earth.  Of course now and again I get the urge to really clean and purge but never to that extent.  This past weekend, as I was going through a box of stuff, and I came across an old local news paper article from when I ran cross country in high school. 

It was the only race I had ever won. Besides the article there is a picture of me charging towards the finish.  It was a great memory.  I was featured in the West Valley View a few times for both running and wrestling during my high school days.  Back then I had more time to train and be competitive.  Now days my only competition is myself.  I’d be lying if I said I don’t crunch race splits and look at the race results though. 

An elite runner I look up to is Geoff Roes.  Roes had won seven, 100 mile races in a row, including the super bowl of trail races the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run (WS100). This past year Roes who was favored to win the WS100 again but did not finish (DNF).  He then added a second DNF in row by not finishing the Ultra Trail du Mount-Blanc (UTMB).  Both of these races are highly regarded and respected in the ultra running community.

I was reading Geoff’s blog and noticed some people saying some unfavorable things.  Putting him down and questioning his heart and focus.  You see that in a lot in sports, when a great player or team loses or makes a big mistake.   People are so quick to jump on their case and point out all their flaws.  So I was very happy to see him back to true form this past weekend.  Geoff bounced back to win the inaugural Trail Runner Ultra Race of Champions “UROC” 100K.   Great job man!

Although I am an emotional person, I am very passionate about the things I am interested in.  I have channeled this energy making music, coaching wrestling, and writing; right now it’s RUNNING, and the season has just begun.  I have been looking at various web sites including AZ road racers and Aravaipa Running for race dates.  I want to put them all on my calendar.  I know I can’t, just wishful thinking.

Right now I want another shot at the 50K distance (31 miles). I also got my eyes set my first 50 Mile race.  I hope to be able to run the Old Pueblo 50 Miles Endurance run in Sonoita, AZ in March of 2012. But next on my calendar is the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on October 9, 2011 in Phoenix, AZ.

My family and I formed a team named “I love boobies” and are doing the race in honor of my grandma who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.  I think this is such a great organization.  Sometimes it’s hard to really understand something like this until it hits close to home.  Life is not promised tomorrow.  I’m guilty myself of taking many things for granted.  God is incredible, patient and all we need to get through the tough times in life.  If you would like to make a donation please see our team link below.

Another time I really think about refocusing life is when I am sick.  The last few days I have been under the weather.  So I have been resting, taking in liquids, and thinking about life.  My babies are growing up to fast.  I started listening to an awesome podcast called “The Dirt Bag Diaries.”

In one of the stories the father tells about all the adventures he shared with his children, especially his son who is now ready to leave the nest, and follow his own dreams on his journey through life. It’s hard to see your best friend, your child, your companion move on.  Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy my kids while they are young.  With every new thing they discover I can share in their excitement and marvel at their innocence. 

It’s going to be a great adventure!  But there are times I want to scream.  Kids you got to love them. 

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